Settlement & Inheritance Planning

My team & I are well versed in helping clients when they have received a Settlement or Inheritance. 

For some, this may be the first time they have received a large sum of money which can cause a different type of stress. Here are some common questions we find clients have:

Am I going to be taxed? 

What debt should I pay off? 

Should I pay my house off early? 

How much should I allocate towards retirement? 

How do I make this money grow more than it would sitting in my bank account? 

Can I retire early? 

Should I start my child's college plan?

 How do I protect this money? 

Should I take that vacation I have been dreaming of?

... and the list goes on. 

For others this may be a complicated matter. Specifically with inheritances, there may be real estate that is getting liquidated, retirement accounts being inherited, stock accounts being inherited, etc. 

Without the proper financial plan in place you may find yourself making costly errors. We enjoy working on these types of projects and helping clients sleep easy knowing they have a sound plan in place. 

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