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2022 Eagle Edge Newsletter

Planning Essentials - Making Your Social Security Claiming Decisions

  • When & how to claim your benefits
  • Income considerations
  • Spousal & survivor benefits

Planning Essentials - A Step-Up in Basis and Why it Matters in Estate Planning

  • Why it is a more tax-efficient way to pass on highly appreciated assets

Planning Essentials - Putting Market Volatility to Work for You

  • Why volatility is necessary
  • Trying to time the market
  • Maintaining focus on your goals

Planning Essentials - The Cost of Market Timing

  • Why doing less is often better
  • The best course of action

Planning Essentials - The Power of Goals- Based Planning

  • Adding Structure 
  • Creating Independance Among Goals
  • Working With an Advisor

Planning Essentials - Planning for Healthcare Costs in Retirement

  • Estimating your healthcare costs
  • Don’t overlook long-term care expenses
  • Make individual adjustments

2021 Eagle Edge Newsletter

Planning Essentials - Getting our Financial House in Order

  • What's Your Plan?
  • Organize
  • Balancing Short- Term Needs & Long -Term Goals

Planning Essentials - 4 Keys to Effective Pre-Retirement Income Planning

  • Risks You Face When Transitioning 
  • Guaranteed Income
  • How Your Advisor Can Help

Planning Essentials - 7 Tips for Long-Term Investing Success

  • How to Become a Better Long-Term Investor

Planning Essentials - The Value of Trusted Advice in a Turbulent Market

  • Why Trusted Advice Matters
  • Managing Emotions
  • Understanding Your Biases

Planning Essentials - Mitigate Market Volatility

  • How Rebalancing Your Portfolio Can Help Mitigate Market Volatility
  • When Should You Rebalance?
  • Rebalancing Strategies

Planning Essentials - Wealth & Values

  • Preparing the Next Generation for the Challenges of Wealth
  • Conversation Starters